Azure re-enable spendlimit

There is a new feature coming up which gives you the opportunity to re-enable the spendlimit on a subscription.


This is not true for subscriptions you removed the spendlimit in the past!

From the next days on (Support told me rollout will be 29th of August) you have the choice to remove the spendlimit for ever or only for the current billing period.

Just chose what you like


If you removed the spendlimit permanently you will not be able to re-enable the spendlimit.


If you remove the spendlimit only for the current billing period you are able to re-enable the spendlimit.



Feature is now available!

And you are able to re-enable spendlimits for subscriptions you removed the spendlimit in the past.

Thank you Azure.




Azure Point to Site connection with DNS

To make Azure Point to Site clients to register within DNS in virtual network follow these Steps:

  1. Add DNS Server to your virtual network configuration. This configuration change is possible even if the network is in use. All the clients will get the new DNS Server configured after a restart.080313_0900_AzurePointt1.png
  2. Download the VPN Client for your virtual network Dashboard page and install the VPN Client.
  3. Open the default installation folder. The default path for the installation is C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Network\Connections\Cm\<your network>
  4. Open the phonebook file <your network>.pkbphonebook
  5. Here you can change the properties of your network connection..TCPSettings
    And change the advanced settings to add a DNS Suffix.DNSSettings

When you establish the connection from phonebook file <your network>.pkb the client will register within the DNS Server